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CICM SOT Newsletter

23 March 2016

Supervisor of Training Workshops
The College conducted its first Supervisor of Training Workshop on Thursday 11 February in Melbourne. Facilitated by Dr Bronwyn Avard and A/Prof Bruce Lister, the workshop included sessions on providing feedback, remediating techniques for poorly performing trainee as well as a Q&A session on the current curriculum.

Feedback from the workshop was very positive with role playing, interactive discussions, and Q&A sessions being well received. The workshop was also a valuable networking tool for Supervisors (especially Supervisors from rural areas) as well was an opportunity to ask questions regarding the current curriculum.

A further 3 workshops will also be held this year;
•   Thursday July 28 in Sydney
•   Thursday October 27 in Adelaide
•   New Zealand (dates to be confirmed)

To review the program outline, please click here. If you would like to register for any of the dates listed above, please click this link and follow the prompts.
If you are a Supervisor (from Australia or New Zealand) who lives outside of one of the above regions, the College will provide a return economy airfare and a nights’ accommodation if required. Please note that as a Supervisor, it is expected you attend one of the workshops as this is an opportunity for you to not only learn new skills and techniques but also to network with Supervisors from other regions. Supervisors can also claim CPD points for these workshops.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Caitlin Gheller, caitling@cicm.org.au.

Trainee Dashboard
The College is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Trainee Dashboard.
The Dashboard is a valuable online resource designed to enhance interaction with our trainees and provide up-to-date information on a user friendly interface. Main features include a graphical snapshot of completed training, a summary of all training time approved (both retrospectively and prospectively), examination attempts, formal project status as well as a record of any Courses, Workplace Competency Assessments (WCA) and Observed Clinical Encounters (OCE) that have been completed. The Dashboard displays remaining training requirements in a format that is easy to follow and looks great on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet device.

Any trainee who registered after the 1st January 2014 will soon have access to the Dashboard via the Members Portal. We encourage trainees to log in and show supervisors when discussing future rotations and clarifying outstanding assessments.
For any trainee on the pre-2014 curriculum, the Dashboard will be available in the coming months and any information on enhancements and future release dates will be available on the College website and subsequent editions of the e-news.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Training Department.

Censors Committee Meeting
At a recent meeting of the College’s Censor Committee on 11 February 2016, the Committee discussed aspects of the current and pre-2014 curriculum as well as training and leave approval processes.
The following training queries were reviewed;
• Streamlining the application process for trainees wanting to complete core training in overseas units not accredited by the College
• Increasing the amount of information available for trainees wanting to take maternity/paternity leave and if their training requirements will be affected
• The process and requirements for approving retrieval rotations for Acute Medicine
• Approval of the completion of registrar requirements in Acute Medicine rotations
•  Fulfilling of the Acute Medicine requirement during RACP Basic Physician (BPT) training

Further information about the above will be published on the website and communicated to Supervisors shortly.

Classification of Units
The College recently changed the name classification of its training units from Unlimited to General Training (Gen) and Limited G6 to Limited General Training G6. The College introduced the name change to clarify the maximum amount of accredited time allowed in each unit.
Please note that although the name classification has changed, the accreditation of your unit will not have changed and your trainee’s accreditation of their training will not be affected. 

Maximum Training allowed in one unit 
Currently the Regulations state that trainees can not have more than 24months of intensive care in the one unit/campus accredited for training. The Training Department has recently seen an increase of trainees (at AVT submission stage) requesting  to complete more than 24 months of accredited training in one unit/campus. 

The College is more than happy for Supervisors to contact the Training Department about the amount of accredited time a trainee has spent in any unit. Trainees are also strongly encouraged to contact the College if they have any questions or concerns about current or future positions.

Hospital Accreditation
Expressions of Interest for Trainee Representatives  
The College is seeking expressions of interest from advanced/core trainees who wish to be involved in accreditation inspections. The responsibility of a trainee representative on an accreditation team is to observe the functions of the unit the excellent experience it provides for their trainees. Including, how the unit could improve to benefit trainees in the present and future.
Being part of an accreditation team provides an excellent experience and a great learning opportunity for trainees. The inspection provides insight into the way units operate and has the potential to provide working relationships with other CICM trainees. Accreditation inspections allow trainee representatives to view positive and negative aspects of other Units in their regions as well as bring back ideas to improve their own Unit.

Trainees that have undertaken inspections in the past have noted that by their second and third inspections, they had the confidence to participate in interviewing the trainees and had a better understanding of the questions that could be asked. 
If there is a trainee in your unit that you believe would benefit from this experience, please encourage them to register their interest by contacting Natasha Wilson natashaw@cicm.org.au.

Please contact Natasha if you have any other accreditation queries.

QRC Formal Project Workshop
15 April 2016 | Southbank, Brisbane
The CICM Queensland Regional Committee are holding a Research Forum at the Rydges Hotel, Southbank (Brisbane) on April 15.

The event aims to provide trainees with practical advice on how to start and finish their formal projects, with trainees having the opportunity to present their completed projects at the QRC Presentation Evening in September.

Fellows, SOTs and unit directors will attend the event as project supervisors and provide mentoring to Trainees. Trainees are encouraged to approach their department now to request the day off.

ASM 2016 
Early bird registrations close on Thursday 31 March - To register visit the ASM Website 
Full Registration Inclusions (Including Retired Fellows and New Graduands)
Entrance to the ASM and Exhibition
All refreshment breaks and lunch during the ASM
ASM Satchel 
ASM Handbook and Pocket Program
1 Ticket to Welcome Reception
1 Ticket to the ASM Dinner and Graduation Ceremony

Day Registration Inclusions
Entrance to the ASM and Exhibition for your selected day
Morning and Afternoon tea and lunch for your selected day
ASM Handbook and Pocket Program
Please note: Social Functions are not included in Day Registrations