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College of Intensive Care Medicine

of Australia and New Zealand

CICM SOT Newsletter

21 August 2015

Supervisor of Training Survey
shutterstock_different_resources-(1).jpgIn the coming weeks, all supervisors will receive an email with a link to complete the College’s Supervisor of Training Survey. The survey allows supervisors to submit ideas and feedback and also assists the College in identifying areas that we can improve on in order to provide greater supervisor resources and support.

Please contact Caitlin Gheller, caitling@cicm.org.au if you have any questions.

Policy Documents and Guides
The College is pleased to announce that T-34 The Rural Term Guidelines is now available on the ‘Training Program’ section of our website. T-34 has been created to assist trainees on the current curriculum to identify units which may be accredited for their rural exposure component, and is also a useful document for supervisors to identify rural units and to assist trainees with their future rotation plans. An updated version of the Supervisors Guide to CICM training is now available on the Supervisors of Training section of the website and the education section of the Member’s Portal. The Guide has been updated to include information on the pre-2014 curriculum as well as updated links and resources.

Please contact Caitlin Gheller, caitling@cicm.org.au if you have any questions.

Supervisor Nominations
shutterstock_242584756.jpgIt is important to keep the College up to date with all newly appointed Supervisors of Training. All Supervisor appointments require approval by the College and those not approved will not have access to the online In-Training Evaluation Report (ITER). If the designated supervisor/s at your unit is changing, please contact Caitlin Gheller, caitling@cicm.org.au as soon as possible.

Champion Supervisors of Training
 As a part of the most recent supervisor of training survey, all supervisors were asked if they were prepared to become a ‘Champion’ in their region for new supervisors who require advice/support. Topics you may wish to approach a champion supervisor about might be: Trainee welfare, dealing with difficult conversations, time management, and overall general advice for a novice supervisor.

To find the nearest champion supervisor in your state please click here.
Supervisor Profile – Bronwyn Avard
shutterstock_Blue-Speech-Bubble.jpgBronwyn Avard has been a Fellow of the College since 2008. Working in various hospitals and most recently becoming the ICU Director at Canberra Hospital. As a Supervisor with many years’ experience Bronwyn was interviewed to share her experience and insight with other Supervisors. 

To read full interview please click here.
NSW/ACT Fellows Education Workshop
An educational workshop for CICM SOTs and Fellows in Australia and New Zealand was held in Sydney in conjunction with the New South Wales Regional Committee on July 22nd. 
A trainee mapping exercise which focused on individual trainee’s predicted training pathway for the next few years was considered to be a useful means to identify required non ICU rotations and to assist SOTs in giving realistic advice to trainees about their training plans.
A “Feedback” session was run with actors simulating some of the trainee ‘issues’ requiring feedback. 
The workshop participants brainstormed topics for future workshops.
There was an excellent turnout of SOTs and Fellows from many of the NSW and ACT training ICUs.  The Fellow Education Workshops will continue to provide an opportunity for networking and sharing of common education and training issues and potential solutions.

Bruce Lister
DPA, Education