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12th November 2014
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13th October 2014
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25th August 2014
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Training - Supervisors of Training

Supervisors are vital and central contributors to the College training program.  They are both advocates for trainees in matters related to organisation and clinical duties as well as ensuring that all CICM requirements are met. 

The College has developed a Guide to Training specifically for supervisors to assist with the delivery of the training program. This resource aims to support supervisors as they coordinate learning experiences and provide valuable feedback to trainees.

Guide to CICM Training: Supervisors 

The main assessment tool used by supervisors is the In-Training Evaluation Report (ITER). The ITER is a valuable assessment tool that facilitates the ongoing education of trainees. It complements other methods of evaluation, such as the examinations. At the end of each 6 month period of training, supervisors in conjunction with their intensive care colleagues, are expected to submit a completed ITER to the College, providing evidence of the trainee’s progress toward becoming a CICM Fellow.

ITER User Guide for Supervisors

ITER User Guide for Non CICM Supervisors


All Supervisors of Training must be approved by the College. For a list of current supervisors, please click here. 

Please inform the College of any required changes to this list by emailing


The duties of a Supervisor of Training and the process for nominating a Supervisor are outlined in Training Document on the Training Resources T-10 The Role of the Supervisors of Training Intensive Care Medicine. 

Nominations for Supervisor can be made to the College by submitting an application and please note that all submissions must satisfy the requirements as listed in Training Document T-10.  

For further training resources click here. 

For more information regarding Supervisors of Training, please contact