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CICM Board Election
1st April 2014
A reminder that the Call for Nominations for Board Elections will close on Monday 7 April. Please remember to send in your nominations to Phil Hart If you did not receive a form, pl...
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Update - Middle Eastern Respiratory syndrome coronavirus
20th March 2014
Please click here for important updated information regarding: Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (update as of 20 March 2014) Future updates will be placed in this s...
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February Board Report
13th March 2014
The February Board Report is now available to review.
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Resources - Regulations

In line with the College constitution, the College regulations, comprising of 14 sections, governs the operations of the College and the services it provides.

 The regulations should be read in conjunction with all relevant College policies, as from time to time approved by the College of Intensive Care Medicine.

The College may amend the regulations from time to time and will promulgate all amendments via the CICM website. Amendments may change, alter, add or remove any provisions of the regulations, and, if made, will apply with effect from the date of the Board meeting at which they are approved (unless stated otherwise by CICM).

Regulations, 2014

Regulations, 2013


The CICM Constitution sets out the form, reasons for and purpose of the College. It defines the objectives of the College and lists the powers vested in the corporate entity to achieve those objectives.

The constitution outlines the operations of the College, including definitions, description of membership, the composition and functioning of the Board, and elections to the Board. A wide range of operational areas are covered including the powers of the Board, admission to Fellowship, postal ballots, subscriptions, cessation of membership, discipline, reinstatement and indemnity

Income and property accrued by the College shall be applied solely to achieve the stated purposes. The constitution requires financial accounts to be kept and audited annually by an external auditor.

The Australian and New Zealand College of Intensive care medicine is a company limited by guarantee under Australian corporations law. Changes to its constitution must be approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.