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CICM Board Election
1st April 2014
A reminder that the Call for Nominations for Board Elections will close on Monday 7 April. Please remember to send in your nominations to Phil Hart If you did not receive a form, pl...
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Update - Middle Eastern Respiratory syndrome coronavirus
20th March 2014
Please click here for important updated information regarding: Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (update as of 20 March 2014) Future updates will be placed in this s...
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February Board Report
13th March 2014
The February Board Report is now available to review.
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Resources - Positions Vacant

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NSW (6) positions

St George Hospital and St Vincent‘s Hospital Sydney

Position Description - Critical Care Echocardiography - ST George and St Vincent's Sydney.pdf 845.74 Kb

Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital

NSW Position Description_Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital_SS VMO Intensivist.pdf 134.49 Kb

Royal Flying Doctors Service

Position Description - Senior Medical Officer - Royal Flying Doctors Service.pdf 218.74 Kb

Royal Flying Doctors Service

Position Description - Medical Officer - Royal Flying Doctors Service.pdf 219.09 Kb

Manning Rural Referral Hospital, Taree

Closing date 20 April 2014

Position Description - Staff Specialist ICU - Manning Rural Referral Hospital, Taree.pdf 355.5 Kb

Wyong Hospital

Position Description - Staff Specialist - High Dependancy Unit- Wyong Hospital.pdf 22.53 Kb


NT (2) positions

Careflight Darwin

Retrieval Medical Officers / Registrars

Position Description - Darwin CareFlight - Medical Officer Registrars.pdf 29.43 Kb

CareFlight - Darwin, Truscott and Broome

Position Description - CareFlight - Medical Officers.pdf 54.53 Kb


NZ (2) positions

Whangarei Hospital NZ

Position Description - Intensivist - Whangarei Hospital NZ.pdf 64.93 Kb

Waikato District Health Board

Closing date 30 April 2014.

Position Description - Waikato District Health Board - Specialist Intensivist _Clinical Director.pdf 190.04 Kb


QLD (5) positions

Careflight Medical Services

Position Description - Retrieval Registrars - Care Flight QLD.pdf 109.6 Kb

Friendly Society Private Hospital


Position Description - Friendly Society Private Hospital - Intensivist.pdf 459.03 Kb

Friendly Society Private Hospital

ICU Senior Medical Officer

Position Description - Friendly Society Private Hospital - ICU Senior Medical Officer.pdf 473.02 Kb

Intensive Care Training Pathway, Queensland Health

Registrars, Senior Registrars, Fellows

Position Description - ICU Training Pathway 2013 - QLD Health.pdf 334.17 Kb

St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane

Position Description - RMO - St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane.pdf 129.3 Kb


SA (3) positions

MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval - SA

Applications close 30 May 2014

Position Description - MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval - SA.pdf 135.4 Kb

Royal Adelaide Hospital

Closing date 25 April 2014.

Position Description - Network Director - Intensive Care Services- Royal Adelaide Hospital.pdf 137.85 Kb

Calvary Healthcare Adelaide

Closing date 31 May 2014.

Position Description - Calvary Healthcare Adelaide - ICU Registrars.pdf 99.05 Kb


SING (1) positions

Consultant, Intensive Care Medicine, Singapore

Position Description- Consultant, Intensive Care Medicine, Singapore.pdf 343.7 Kb


TAS (2) positions

DiT - Tasmania

Position Description - DiT - Tasmania.pdf 3297.73 Kb

Tasmanian Health Organisation - North West

Position Description - Staff Specialist Intensivist - TAS.pdf 221.54 Kb


VIC (4) positions

Frankston Hospital - Intensive Care Unit Registrars

Position Description - Intensive Care Unit Registrars - Frankston Hospital.pdf 30.35 Kb

Geelong Hospital - ICU Senior Registrars

Position Description - ICU Senior Registrars - Geelong Hospital.pdf 144.9 Kb

Geelong Hospital

Closing date 18th April 2014

Position Description - Geelong Hospital- Intensive Care Registrars.pdf 381.08 Kb

Epworth Richmond

Position Description - Epworth Richmond - Intensive Care Registrar.pdf 91.41 Kb


WA (1) positions

Royal Perth Hospital

Closing date 5 May 2014, 16:00 WST.

Position Description - WA Dept of Health - Royal Perth Hospital - Head of Intensive Care Medicine.pdf 123.54 Kb