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Communications Course
25th August 2014
Perth, October 17th 2014.  Numbers are limited! Register today!
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CICM 2013 Annual Report
13th June 2014
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Trainee Committee Vacancies
19th May 2014
Have you ever considered representing the Trainees in your region as a member of the Trainee Committee? Positions for South Australia and Queensland are now vacant! Nomination forms were sent to all ...
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Resources - Policy Documents

CICM Policy Documents provide guidelines on a range of intensive care related issues, such as minimum standards, to training and education and ethics.

For important Training documents and resources please visit the Training Resources page. 


14.1.1 The Ageing Intensivist Statement
IC-01 Minimum Standards for Intensive Care Units
IC-02 Intensive Care Specialist Practice in Hospitals Accredited for Training in Intensive Care Medicine
Pre-2014 curriculum 
IC-03 Guidelines for Intensive Care Units Seeking Accreditation for Training in Intensive Care Medicine
Post-2014 curriculum 
IC-03 Guidelines for Intensive Care Units Seeking Accreditation for Training in Intensive Care Medicine 
IC-04 The Supervision of Vocational Trainees in Intensive Care Medicine
IC-05 Guidelines on the Health of Specialists and Trainees
IC-06 Guidelines for the Relationship Between Fellows, Trainees and the Healthcare Industry
IC-07 Administrative Services to Intensive Care Units
IC-08 Quality Improvement
IC-09 Statement on the Ethical Practice of Intensive Care Medicine
IC-10 Guidelines for Transport of Critically Ill Patients
IC-11 Assessment of Overseas Trained Intensive Care Specialists
IC-12 Intensive Care Services for Areas of Need
IC-13 Recommendations on Standards for High Dependency Units for Training in Intensive Care Medicine
IC-14 Statement on Withholding and Withdrawing Treatment
IC-15 Recommendations on Practice Re-Entry for An Intensive Care Specialist
IC-16 Guidelines on the Use of Telemedicine in the Intensive Care Unit
IC-17 Statement on the Health of People Seeking Asylum