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Resources - Critical Care and Resuscitation

December 2008



274  Why ICU doctors do not wash their hands

Paul D R Johnson

No abstract


276  Why predict time to death after withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy?

Helen Opdam

No abstract



278 Prediction of death after withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments

Nicole L Coleman, Jorge L Brieva and Elise Crowfoot


285  Hand hygiene during the intensive care unit ward round: how much is enough? An observational study

Paul Witterick, Rhonda Stuart, Elizabeth Gillespie and Michael Buist


288  Major surgery in Victoria and the United States: a comparison of hospital mortality in older patients

Stephen J Warrillow, Rinaldo Bellomo, Peter Davey and John Birkmeyer


296  The impact of an ICU liaison nurse service on patient outcomes

Suzanne J Eliott, David Ernest, Andrea G Doric, Karen N Page, Linda J Worrall-Carter, Lukman Thalib and Wendy Chaboyer


301  Preliminary insights into data collection processes in New South Wales intensive care units

Karena M Hewson-Conroy and Anthony R Burrell


306  Pilot randomised double-blind controlled trial of high-dose spironolactone in critically ill patients receiving a frusemide infusion

Yogesh Apte, Rinaldo Bellomo, Stephen Warrillow, Donna Goldsmith, Michael Gillies and Forbes McGain



312  Burnout syndrome among Australian intensivists: a survey

Yahya Shehabi, Geoffrey Dobb, Ian Jenkins, Ranald Pascoe, Nicholas Edwards and Warwick Butt



316  Monitoring of brain tissue oxygen tension and use of vasopressin after cardiac arrest in a child with catecholamine-induced cardiac arrhythmia

Elena Cavazzoni and Andreas Schibler


320  Paradoxical and severe hypotension in response to adrenaline infusions in massive quetiapine overdose

David J Hawkins and Peter Unwin



323  Restrictive red blood cell transfusion strategies in critical care: does one size really fit all?

Alistair D Nichol



328 The name of our speciality - with a historical perspective on "intensive care"

Ronald V Trubuhovich

No abstract


332  What's in a name?

P Vernon van Heerden and John A Myburgh

No abstract



334  Early artificial ventilation: the mystery of "Truehead of Galveston" - was he Dr Charles William Trueheart?

Ronald V Trubuhovich