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CICM Board Election
1st April 2014
A reminder that the Call for Nominations for Board Elections will close on Monday 7 April. Please remember to send in your nominations to Phil Hart If you did not receive a form, pl...
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Update - Middle Eastern Respiratory syndrome coronavirus
20th March 2014
Please click here for important updated information regarding: Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (update as of 20 March 2014) Future updates will be placed in this s...
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February Board Report
13th March 2014
The February Board Report is now available to review.
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Hospital Accreditation
How to Apply

Intensive Care Units wishing to apply for accreditation can do so by contacting Natasha Wilson at the College. Applications will comprise of a completed Hospital Data Sheet (including junior and senior staff rosters), this must be submitted under cover of a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Hospital Accreditation Committee, Dr. Raymond Raper and include the Director’s Curriculum Vitae.

Applications received are referred to the Committee for consideration at their next meeting, which occur 3 times a year. Based on the application the Committee will consider whether the Unit meets the criteria for accreditation, and if so, an inspection of the Unit will be arranged.

Inspections are conducted by an Accreditation Team which consists of one representative of the Board, a minimum of one local Fellow representative and one local trainee representative nominated by the Regional Committee. The inspection allows the Accreditation Team to formally assess the ICU and prepare a report to be considered at the next meeting of the Hospital Accreditation Committee. At this point the Committee will decide what level of accreditation the Unit should be granted in accordance with Policy Documents IC-1 and IC-3.

For overseas units wishing to apply for accreditation, the above information applies and further information can be found in the document below 'Accreditation of Core Intensive Care Training in Overseas Units'.

Overseas units are required to cover the cost of an inspection. These costs are individually based and include travel and accommodation for the accreditation team. The College will endeavour to minimise costs wherever possible and aim to arrange inspections for Board Members who are already overseas.

Inspections occur every 5 years, unless the Hospital Accreditation Committee decides otherwise.

If you wish to apply for accreditation or you are seeking further information, please contact Natasha Wilson.

Accreditation of Core Intensive Care Training in Overseas Units
Guide for Hospitals Seeking Accreditation
Guidelines for Intensive Care Units Seeking Accreditation for Training In Intensive Care Medicine
Minimum Standards For Intensive Care Units