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CICM 2015 ASM - Abstract Submissions Open
12th November 2014
Abstract Submissions for the CICM 2015 ASM are now open! Click here for more information
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13th October 2014
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Communications Course
25th August 2014
Perth, October 17th 2014.  Numbers are limited! Register today!
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Trainees of CICM are required to complete the CICM First Part Examination in Intensive Care (unless exempted), and a Second Part Examination (General or Paediatric). 

Overseas Trained Specialists may also be required to complete a Second Part Examination (General or Paediatric).

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It is the decision of the Board that, as of 1st January 2013, the College will cap examination attempts to a maximum of five. As you may have seen from Board reports on the website, this has been discussed for some time.

Each examination committee had discussed capping attempts at length and were all in agreement that each exam, the First Part, The General Second Part and The Paediatric Second Part, would have a maximum of five attempts each for any one candidate.

This change will affect all current and future trainees however ANY previous exam attempts will not be counted. All trainees (including overseas trained specialists) who present for any exam after January 1st 2013 will have 5 attempts at that particular exam.

The College is currently working on a process to support those candidates who are not successful in any exam to ensure that anyone having difficulties will be assisted through the process. Details of this process will be distributed when finalised.

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Currently examination candidates are required to complete a formative assessment of at least four cases with a Supervisor of Training or appropriate delegate (Fellow of the CICM). These cases must be done in the six months prior to the date of the written component of the examination.
In order to assist candidates become better prepared for the clinical section of the examination there has been one major change to the Hot Case assessment process. At a recent meeting of the CICM Board, the following resolution was approved and will apply to the August / October 2010 sitting of the General, Paediatric and Second Part examinations:
In the six months prior to the date of the written examination, each candidate should be formally assessed by a Supervisor of Training or appropriate delegate (Fellow of the CICM) as having achieved a satisfactory standard on an observed clinical assessment of a critically ill patient on four separate occasions.
This resolution replaces the previous requirement for candidates to perform an observed clinical assessment of a critically ill patient on four separate occasions.
To achieve a satisfactory standard, the candidate is required to perform an appropriate clinical assessment of a critically ill patient; present their clinical findings to the assessor with an appropriate discussion of relevant management issues (suggested time = 20 minutes). An additional 10 minutes should be set aside to provide the candidate with feedback regarding their performance and allow for relevant discussion regarding the clinical scenario. 
Candidates are advised that this measure has been implemented by the Board of the CICM to optimise candidate preparation and performance in the examination.
Candidates are also advised that to obtain four satisfactory assessments, they may often have to undertake more than four clinical assessments. It is important to commence this process of certification well in advance of the closing date of the examination.
Please note, achieving four satisfactory assessments during the preparatory phase does not guarantee success at the clinical component of the examination as these assessments are part of a formative process.  
For candidates who are unsuccessful in the "clinical component" of the examination but who are eligible for further attempts at the clinical component:

Recertification of completion of formative assessment (ie four observed satisfactory clinical assessments and discussion) is required for each attempt at the clinical component of the Second Part Examination. Application to sit the clinical component of the Second Part Examination will not be accepted without documentary evidence of completion of a satisfactory formative assessment. (This requirement also applies to OTS assessment.)