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CICM Board Election
1st April 2014
A reminder that the Call for Nominations for Board Elections will close on Monday 7 April. Please remember to send in your nominations to Phil Hart If you did not receive a form, pl...
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Update - Middle Eastern Respiratory syndrome coronavirus
20th March 2014
Please click here for important updated information regarding: Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (update as of 20 March 2014) Future updates will be placed in this s...
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February Board Report
13th March 2014
The February Board Report is now available to review.
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Exams - Second Part


The subject areas for the Second Part Examination are the theory and practice of intensive care medicine, including relevant aspects of the basic sciences, anaesthesia and clinical medicine, as set out in the Objectives of Advanced Training in Intensive Care and Competencies, Learning Opportunities, Teaching and Assessmentsfor Training in General Intensive Care .

Candidates presenting for admission to the Second Part Examination must have completed Basic Training, a suitable primary exam and one year of Advanced Training in core intensive care. These requirements must be satisfied by the date on which the written section of the examination commences.

All candidates must submit a completed "Hot Case Assessment Form" . This form is to be used to confirm that a candidate has completed a formative assessment of at least four (cases) with a Supervisor of Training or delegate within 6 months of the written date of the Exam. Each case should be in the ICU and involve 20 minutes of assessment and 10 minutes of feedback. Each case may be performed separately at different times and places. If you are re-sitting the exam you are required to submit four new hot cases.

The examination is held twice a year and it comprises of a written and oral section. The written section may be taken in cities of Australia and New Zealand or other areas at the discretion of the Board. The oral section will be held in various major cities at the discretion of the Board.

The Exam Fee is AUD$3340. To apply for the Second Part Exam please email Frieda Keo and include your member id number, preferred date and city to sit the written exam.  

If a candidate withdraws after the closing date they will incur an administration charge of 30% of the examination fee.

For previous exam reports, click here.

Click here to access the 2014 exam calendar!

Second Part Exam - 1st sitting Date Location
Applications Close  3 February  -
Written Section  17 March  Various
Oral Section 
22- 23 May      Brisbane 


Second Part Exam - 2nd sitting Date Location
Applications Close  4 July  -
Written Section  18 August   Various
Oral Section 
23- 24 October TBC


Notes to Candidates- Second Part Exam
Hot Case Assessment Form - NEW