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CICM 2015 ASM - Abstract Submissions Open
12th November 2014
Abstract Submissions for the CICM 2015 ASM are now open! Click here for more information
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Ebola Advice from Department of Health
13th October 2014
Please click here for advice from the Department of Health regarding the Ebolavirus outbreak in West Africa, dated 10 October 2014....
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Communications Course
25th August 2014
Perth, October 17th 2014.  Numbers are limited! Register today!
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CPD Registered Courses

This list contains those activites and courses that have been assessed by the CPD Officer and registered for CPD points.

If you have attended a course or completed an activity that does not appear below and does not fit in to any of the Activity Groups, the CPD Officer will need to assess it, this can be done when you are in the Online Diary, select "Add Actvitiy" and then select "General Activity - Requires Approval", you will then need to fill in specific information regarding the activity. If the course is approved and registered, it will automatically appear in your CPD Online Diary.

If you are running or organising a course and you would like it officially registered for CPD Points by the CPD Officer, you will need to complete the online application form and include a program with your application. All applications should be emailed to Kirsty Grove.The assessment process can take up to 3 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Kirsty Grove.

Course Category Points
Generic Activity/Workshop/Course
ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting 2A 1 per Hour
Alert Instructors Course - St Vincents, NSW 1B 2 per Hour
ALS Course - Australian Resuscitation Council 3B 3 per Hour
ALS Course - Instructors Course - Australian Resuscitation Council 3B 3 per Hour
Asia Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine 2A 1 per Hour
CICM ASM 2A 1 per Hour
CICM Board Meeting 5A 1 per Hour
Choices and Challenges in Central Venous Access Devices Workshop - Mayo Healthcare 3B 3 per Hour
Consultant Transition Intensivist Course 3B 3 per Hour
DETECT (Facilitators) 4A 1 per Hour
Difficult Airway Management 3B 3 per Hour
2 Day Non Invasive Ventilation Workshop - Mayo Healthcare 3B 3 per Hour
Facilitor Development Program - Monash Medical Centre 2A 1 per Hour
Hamilton Island Echo Ultrasound Conference - University of Melbourne 2A 1 per Hour
Hospital Attachment - Royal Flying Doctor Service 1B 2 per Hour
IABP Workshop - Mayo Healthcare 3B 3 per Hour
Intensive Training in Airway Management Course, NSW 4A 1 per Hour
Nepean Critical Care Echocardiography Course, Nepean Hospital, NSW 1B 2 per Hour
Paediatric Medical Emergency Team Training, NSW 3B 3 per Hour
Point of Care Echocardiography 2B 2 per Hour
Practical Echocardiography Workshop - QLD 1B 2 per Hour
Pre Hospital Truama Course - Careflight 1B 2 per Hour
Remote Rural Practitioner Simulation Course, NSW 4A 1 per Hour
Simulation Enhanced Intensive Care Orientation Course, NSW 4A 1 per Hour
Train the Trainer Course in Simulator Skills Workshop 3B 3 per Hour
Transthoracic Echo for the Intensivist Workshop, RPA NSW 1B 2 per Hour
Trauma Team Crisis Resource Management Course 3B 3 per Hour
Ultrasound and Modified Seldinger Insertion and Management of PICC's Workshop - Mayo Healthcare 3B 3 per Hour
Ultrasound in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Workshop, QLD 1B 2 per Hour
Ultrasound in Intensive Care, Australian Institute of Ultrasound, Goldcoast 1B 2 per Hour
Ultrasound in Intensive Care, Ultrasound Training Solutions 3B 3 per Hour
Westmead Course - Introduction to Transoesophagael Echocardiography, NSW 1B 2 per Hour
Teacher of Advanced Paediatric Intensive Care Simulator Course (APICS) 4A 1 per Hour
American Thoracic Society International Conference 2A 1 per Hour
Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaesthesiology (Hong Kong) 2A 1 per Hour
Canadian Critical Care Conference 2A 1 per Hour
Centrally Orgainzed Training HKCA CICM (Hong Kong) 4A 1 per Hour
CHEST Annual Meeting if the American College of Chest Physicians (USA) 2A 1 per Hour
European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM Annual Congress), Europe 2A 1 per Hour
Fundamental Critical Care Support Course 1B 1 per Hour
International Symposium on Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine, Brussells 2A 1 per Hour
International Critical Care Conference & Exhibition ICCC Dubai 2A 1 per Hour
Society of Critical - Care Critical Care Congress 2A 1 per Hour
World Congress on Paediatric Critical Care 2A 1 per Hour
BASIC - Convening/Instructing 4A 1 per Hour
BASIC Instructor Course 3B 3 per Hour
WedEd Intensive Care Conference Program 1A 1 per Hour
Journal Reading 1A 1 per Hour
E-learning Activities 1A 1 per Hour
Learning through Audio Tapes 1A 1 per Hour
Learning through Video Tapes 1A 1 per Hour
Formal Hospital Attachments 1B 2 per Hour
PhD 1B 2 per Hour
Masters 1B 2 per Hour
Diploma 1B 2 per Hour
CPD Plan 1B 2 per Hour
ASM (held by a College or Society) 2A 1 per Hour
Medical Conference 2A 1 per Hour
Medical Lecture 2A 1 per Hour
Group Discussions 2B 2 per Hour
Seminar 2B 2 per Hour
Workshops 2B 2 per Hour
Clinical Audit (personal participation) 3A 2 per Hour
Patient Surveys 3A 2 per Hour
Critical Reviews 3A 2 per Hour
Morbidity and Mortality Meetings (M&M) 3A 2 per Hour
Peer Reviews 3B 3 per Hour
Professional Practice Review 3B 3 per Hour
Final Evaluation of CPD Plan 3B 3 per Hour
Formal Audit of Personal Practice 3B 3 per Hour
Self Assessment Tests 3B 1 per Hour
Practical Skills Workshops 3B 3 per Hour
Simulator and Skills Courses 3B 3 per Hour
Teaching of health professionals (Fellows, Trainees, nurses) 4A 1 per Hour
Presentations at Educational Meetings eg ASM 4A 1 per Hour
Examining at College Exam 4A 1 per Hour
Formal teaching at CPD accredited courses 4A 1 per Hour
Preparation of Grants, Proposals, Trials 4B 1 per Hour
Review of Manuscripts 4B 1 per Hour
Review of Grants 4B 1 per Hour
Publication in Medical Journals 4B 5 per Publication
CICM Board 5A 1 per Hour
CICM Regional Committee Meeting 5A 1 per Hour
Hospital CME Meeting 5A 1 per Hour
Hospital Ethics Meeting 5A 1 per Hour
Pharmaceutical Meeting 5A 1 per Hour
Quality and Safety Meeting 5A 1 per Hour
Cultural Tolerance Education Activities 5B 1 per Hour
Education Activities Workplace Stress, Ethical Behaviour, Practice Management 5B
Sabbaticals 5B
Overseas Aid Work 5B 1 per Hour
ECHO for ICU 3B 3 per Hour
ICU Trauma 2A 1 per Hour
Advanced Medical Ventilation 2A 1 per Hour
ICU Bronchoscopy 3B 3 per Hour
Nutrition for the Critcally Ill 2A 1 per Hour
ECMO 3B 3 per Hour
ECMO Cannulation Day 3B 3 per Hour
Care Flight Clinical Update Day 1B 2 per Hour
Annual Update in Paediatric Emergency 2A 1 per Hour
Winter Symposium in Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine 2A 1 per Hour
SimTox 3B 3 per Hour
SimTecT - Asia Pacific Simulation and Training Conference 2A 1 per Hour
The Harvard Instructors Course 3B 3 per Hour
Centrally Organised Training Program for HKCA (IC) & CICM Trainees 4A 1 per Hour
Winfocus World Congress 2A 1 per Hour
Canadian Critical Care Conference 2A 1 per Hour
General Activity - Requires Approval, this is only for activities/courses that aren't in the list below 00
In Training Assessments by SOT`s 3A 2 per Hour
Active or Interactive Self Learning 1B 2 per Hour
ANZICS SQAO - International Conference on Safety, Quality, Audit & Outcomes Research in Intensive Care 2A 1 per Hour
Intensive Care Crisis Event Management - ICCEM 3B 3 per Hour
Train the Trainer - Teaching the Course 4A 1 per Hour
Queensland Trauma Symposium 2A 1 per Hour
Rural Critical Care Meeting - Toowoomba 2A 1 per Hour
H.A.R.T.Scan 2B 2 per Hour
Nerve Blocks Workshops 2B 2 per Hour
ABC for Clinical ICU Skills 3B 3 per Hour
SWAN XIX Trauma Conference 2A 1 per Hour
NSW ECMO Lecture Series 2A 1 per Hour
Airway Skills 3B 3 per Hour
Examiners Workshop CICM 2B 2 per Hour
Basic Echocardiography Workshop 3B 3 per Hour
3 Day Ultrasound in Anaesthetics & Critical Care 3B 3 per Hour
5 Day Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine 3B 3 per Hour
4 Day Ultrasound in Intensive Care 3B 3 per Hour
Brisbane Acute and Critical Care Ultrasound Workshop 3B 3 per Hour
RACE - Rapid Assessment by Cardiac Echo 3B 3 per Hour
EMAC - Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crisi 3B 3 per Hour
APICS - Advanced Paediatric Intensive Care Simulation 3B 3 per Hour
AORTIC Database Workshop 2A 1 per Hour
Acute Medical and Surgical CT Interpretation 2A 1 per Hour
Sydney Equipment Course - TEACHING only 4A 1 per Hour
Intensive Care Update Course - ASM 2B 2 per Hour
Asklepios Sedation Course 1A 1 per Hour
Crit-IQ Website 1A 1 per Hour
Graduate Certificate in Echocardiography (Critical Care) QLD 1B 2 per Hour
Meeting 2A 1 per Hour
Quality Assurance Activities 3A 2 per Hour
ANZICS CTG Meeting 2A 1 per Hour
Inspector at Hospital Accreditation Visits 3A 2 per Hour
New Zealand ANZICS Meeting 2A 1 per Hour
Train the Trainer Course 3B 3 per Hour
SOT Workshop 2B 2 per Hour
Medical Committee Work 5A 1 per Hour
Donate Life Annual Forum 2A 1 per Hour
Instructor at Sydney Intensive Care long Course 4A 1 per Hour
Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) 3B 3 per Hour
Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) 3B 3 per Hour
Infectios Disease Course & Post Grad Diploma Programme 2A 1 per Hour
CICM ICU Update 99
Renal Support in the Critically Ill Conference 99
HEaRT - Haemodynamic Evaluation Report Therapies 99
Critical Care Imaging Interpretation 99
Critical Care Conference 99
Alfred ICU Ventilation Waveforms 99
Alfred International Symposium on ECMO and VAD Support 2A 1 per Hour
International Hokkaido Trauma Conference 2A 1 per Hour
Pain Symposium 2A 1 per Hour
CICM Rural Update - Byron Bay 99
Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound 1B 2 per Hour
Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound 1B 2 per Hour
SimHealth 2012 99
Echo in Life Support 99
Introductory Ultrasound for Respiratory Medicine 99
New Fellows Conference 2B 2 per Hour
Retrieval Medicine Aquatic Safari 2B 2 per Hour
Victorian Intensive Care Network Event 2A 1 per Hour
Social Media and Critical Care Conference (SMACC) 2A 1 per Hour
ANZICS Board 5A 1 per Hour
National Trauma Research Institute Annual Scientific Conference (NTRI ASC) 2A 1 per Hour
Crisis Research Management for Intensive Care (CRM) 99
The Alfred Critical Care Ultrasound Course (CCU) 99
The Alfred TOE Course (Trans Oesophageal Echocardiography) 99
The Brisbane Intensive Care Network - Educational Dinner Meetings 2A 1 per Hour
Event Organising Committee Work 5A 1 per Hour
Windows to the Heart 99
ANZ ECMO Practice Update 2013 99
Qld Medical Directors Conference 2013 2A 1 per Hour
TIN TIM 2A 1 per Hour
The Airway Course For Critical Care and Emergency 2B 2 per Hour
Basic Perioperative TEE Education Program 1B 2 per Hour
Postgraduate Certificate & Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound 1B 2 per Hour
Intra Aortic Balloon Pump 4 Hour Workshop 2B 2 per Hour
Fudamentals of Supervision 1B 2 per Hour
CICM Education Conference 99
Emergency Trauma Management Course 99
Advanced H.A.R.Tscan Workshop 99
Consultant Intensivist Transitioning (CIT) 99
Cabrini ICU \"State of the Art\" education evening 99
Postgraduate Certificate & Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound 1B 2 per Hour
RACE - One Day 99
Paediatric Basic Course - 19 & 20 November‏ 99
RACEPlus 99
The Two Day Course in Clinician Performed Ultrasound 99
Nepean Critical Care Ultrasound Course 99
Update in Paediatric Emergencies 99
The Uncomfortable Workshop 2B 2 per Hour
Advanced Life Support Recertfication Program 99
Beyond Basic Intensive Care Nephrology 99
Cabrini ICU ALS refresher and team building simulation 99
2014 Techno Practicum College Inaugural Scientific Meeting 2A
Graduate Certificate 1B 2 per Hour
Family Donation Conversation (FDC) Core Workshop 99
NHET-Sim Program 99
Open Disclosure Expert Training Programme 99
Leading Reliability Improvement for Safer Healthcare 99
Central Region Trauma Symposium 99
Goal Directed Basic Echo for Critical Care Physicians 99
Ultrasound for Intensive Care 99
Distance Learning 1B 1 per Hour
Instructor - Paediatric Basic Course CICM 4A 1 per Hour
Instructor - CICM Management Skills Course 4A 1 per Hour
EMST 3B 3 per Hour
Online Chest X-Ray Interpretation Course 1A 1 per Hour
Neuroradiology Interpretation 99
Ultrasound - Critical Care 99
Chest X-Ray Interpretation 99
Emergency X-Ray Interpretation 99
Combined Chest & Emergency X-Ray Interpretation 99
Advanced LIfe Support 99
Online Emergency X-Ray Interpretation Course 1A 1 per Hour
Preparation of formal teaching material for CPD approved courses 4A 1 per Hour
Safety and Quality Conference: The role of intensive care with Rapid Response Teams 2A 1 per Hour
Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course - Instructor 4A 1 per Hour
Journal Club Attendance 2B 2 per Hour
Trauma 2014 Conference 99
Getting Started in Echo 99
Cardiac Pathology - 2 Day Workshop 99
CICM Management Skills Course 99
Current Concepts in Critical Care 2B 2 per Hour
Yale New England Point of Care Ultrasound Course 99
Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix Medical Training 99
International Tracheostomy Symposium 2A 1 per Hour
Nambour Intensive Care Airway Day 99
ALS2: Advanced Life Support Recertification 99
Trauma Resuscitation Workshop 99
Resuscitation and stabilisation of the critically ill child: a hands on update for adult clinicians 2B 2 per Hour
NSW Regional Committees CME Event 2A 1 per Hour
Perioperative Medicine SIG ANZCA & CICM 99
Effective Management of Intensive Care Crises (EMICC) 99
Obstetric Intensive Care Symposium 2A 1 per Hour
Yale Caribbean Point of Care Ultrasound Course 99